This recipe is super fast and very tasty but you’ll need a pressure cooker. 4 Italian chicory (radicchio) 1 red onion (chopped coarsely) Rice (250 grams) 1 glass red wine 1/2 liter vegetable broth (brought to the boil) Parmesan cheese (enough)     In the pressure cooker start frying the onion in […]

Risotto al radicchio rosso (Italian chicory) – pressure cooker

{ENGLISH TRANSLATION COMING SOON} Le capesante gratinate sono un antipasto facilissimo ma ad alto effetto grazie alla presentazione e al fatto che e’ davvero buono. Capesante (4) Pan grattato (50 grammi – consenza e’ ottimo!) Parmigiano grattugiato (30 g) Prezzemolo (1 cucchiaino) Brodo  (1 bicchiere – o acqua salata con […]

Capesante gratinate

The fillets of sea bream make a dish delicate and light. They are excellent in the oven both natural or with bread crumbs. When I buy sea bream I always have a first cleaning made by the reseller. Scales and gut. Regardless of the use I intend to do of it this first cleaning will […]

Fillets of sea bream

This is a relatively simple recipe though the cooking takes time so if you are planning to have guests you want to start well ahead. I like it as it is a set and forget kind of recipe as it takes 1 and 1/2 hours to cook almost unattended. The […]

Rabbit in white wine

Pumpkin (200 g coarsely chopped) Gambas (150 g) Onion (1/2) Vegetable broth (150 ml) White wine (2 fingers) Curcuma a.k.a. tumeric (1/2 t.s.) Black pepper (a pinch) Chilli pepper (a pinch) Olive Oil (a dribble) Pasta (between 160 and 250 grams – when dry that is – will do for […]

Pasta: pumpkin and gambas

Broccoli Breadcrumbs E.V.Oil (vaporized to grease the pan) Parmesan cheese (enough) Cream (100 ml) Bring salted water to the boil and cook the broccoli in it for 10 minutes (not too long or it will melt) In a pan add to broccoli some cream and spread with a little bread crumbs Cover […]

Broccoli gratin

Onion (1/4 chopped coarsely) Peas (100 g) Mushrooms (150 g coarsely chopped) Cream (100 ml) Vegetable broth (250 ml) Extra virgin oil (a dribble) The smell of white wine (2 fingers) Black pepper (a pinch) Parmesan cheese (enough) and … Pasta (between 160 and 250 grams – when dry that is […]

Pasta: mushrooms peas and cream

Also this year they are back! The flowers yes and with them, unfortunately, also quite some bad-mannered tourists that to take a picture home have no regrets in jumping over the fence and destroy this work of art of the Dutch farmers. Despite the former and respecting the latter I […]

flower season 2014 – they are back